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Foreground, Stacked cabinets, waiting to be installed in Apartment above garage

My able assistant, digging through the drill accessories toolbox.

Green bench is small parts bench. The two work benches sit approximately 30" from the wall, the intent being to build a lumber rack behind them after I insulate and drywall the concrete block wall.

Frequently used hand tools pegboard and small power tools cabinet.

A total of fifteen work lights keep the place bright and cheery, with 4 lights dedicated to the primary work bench, alone.

It's a bit messy right now because A. I'm mid project and B. I've got all those cabinets stacked up and cluttering the place while I wait for the weather to warm so I can paint before installing the cabinets.

Foreground, small secretary desk and file drawer containing plans, etc. Band saw on top of desk. Drill press behind Band saw.

Behind the drill press is the primary work bench, 8' x 8' Note tool/foot rest ledge and outlets.

Behind the work bench is another peg board holding clamps and some shelves obscured by the lamp holding glues, sanding supplies, etc.

To the right of the window is the paint cabinet

The oak cabinet used to be a laundry cabinet, hence the fold down door for folding clothes. It also works as an excellent tool staging shelf, keeping the work bench clear of clutter. With four halogen lights inside, it makes an excellent work space, as well.

The north wall holds about 1,500 feet of spare line for the boat. A few sails that haven't yet been converted into awnings, tote bags and other paraphernalia hang there, as well.

Until recently, I was still able to get a vehicle in the garage. When I get around to installing the new dishwasher, I'll be able to, again.

Even with all this space, I still have limitations. For instance, If I am going to cut a sheet of plywood in half on the long side (to make two 4'x4' pieces), I have to twist the saw, for the sheet can't make it between the poles without it. Makes me cranky, every time...

Each wall has a separate 20 amp circuit, with a 20 amp circuit to the two center poles and a dedicated 20 amp circuit for the table saw.

In the corner are gardening and automotive fluids. Oil, coolant washer fluid, etc.

Closer in, just hidden by the stack of lumber is a set of shelves with more automotive supplies.

The 13,500 btu AC unit keeps it very pleasant inside all summer long. This will be even better, once I finally get around to finishing insulating and drywalling the place. One wall is insulated and one and a half walls are concrete block which helps, but I've still got a wall and a half that's not insulated and I need to get that done.

The autmotive toolbox sits on a cabinet filled with boat stuff.

To the right of the camera not seen is the air compressor and space for the dust collection system to eventually be installed.