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Wherein We do not Circumnavigate DelMarVa

In the last two weeks of October 2000, we wanted to circumnavigate the DelMarVa Peninsula. If you don't happen to live in the Chesapeake Bay region, you have probably never heard of the DelMarVa peninsula. (I hadn't until I met my Lovely Wife.) DelMarVa is the peninsula that forms the Chesapeake Bay. Within it's land form are portions of the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, hence DelMarVa. Actually, all of Delaware is on DelMarVa, but who's counting?.... This voyage was to be part of our "training" plan to continually increase our exposure and skill level and will include our very first offshore passage. Next year, we hoped to follow this up with a 3 week trip to New England.

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How do you circumnavigate a peninsula, do you say? Technically, DelMarVa is now an island, since the C&D Canal (Chesapeake and Delaware) was cut through the top of the peninsula to join the Chesapeake Bay to the Delaware Bay. This canal reduced the distance for ships to reach Baltimore significantly, by over 200 miles. Joining us for at least the ocean passage of that journey will be Bryan Twigg and David Long. Dave and Bryan are looking forward to the trip as much as we are, especially since we feel it's important to get out on The Write Byte and get to know it very well this summer in preparation for the trip. So we hope to see a lot of the "fellas" in the logs this summer. In conversations around the marina, other people are expressing interest in making the trip, too. Perhaps we'll even have a flotilla going 'round. Regardless of whether anyone joins us, we plan to go. Counting side trips to places like St. Mary's City, Solomon's Island, Annapolis and Baltimore, we will sail/cruise nearly 600 miles in two weeks. God willing and the creek don't rise, we'll all be able to make the trip.

-- Update October 3, 2000

Thanks to being out of work for 2 months, we won't be able to go. Now that October is upon us, I am just starting a new job. Though I could probably insist on the time off, since I've planned this for a long tiime; I need the money. Two months of down time is more than I planned on for this year. In talking with my friends who would have joined me, they are excited at my alternate plan. We are going to skip the step of circumnavigating Delmarva and go right to New England.

The plan is, a three week trip to New England next summer (2001) The fellas will crew for me on the way up and back. Terry will drive up and join me for the 2.5 weeks up there. The guys can then take the car home and back to the drudgery of work. Terry says she'd like to do the home bound passage with us, so the guys will probably have to take a bus or train to meet us in Connecticut for the trip home.

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