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Kitchen Utility Cart

This handsome cart came from a book of plans called, 2x4 Furniture. While the projects are not all done with 2X4s, the plans all utilize simple techniques and inexpensive woods. Building projects like this cart, the Sweater Cabinet, the Toybox and the Deck Tables which all came from plans in the book, has been an excellent way for me to build skills. While I still have a long way to go to being a fine furniture maker, my joining skills are getting much better and I'm rather proud of how good the top of this cart looks. Well, that is until old fumble fingers tipped it upside down to work on the under side and scarred the shit out of it... sigh.

The Utility Cart will be used both in the kitchen and on the deck for cookouts. As I write this however, it's being used as vehicle for Becca to give her stuffed animals a ride...

You gotta love the internet. Lowes didn't have squat for decent casters, I checked last spring when I first thought about building the cart. Just cheap shit junk is all they had. A google search on casters returned half a dozen caster companies which sell direct. I found a set of excellent heavy duty casters at a company in Arizona which shipped a set of 4 for $20. And I didn't have to leave the house and do battle on the roads or with the teeming unwashed masses in the store. Cool.

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Unskilled and Unaware

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