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Dickerson Rendezvous 2002

Friday June 7th, I travelled to Cambridge on a quest to join my friend Bruce Franz in order to crew for him aboard his beautiful Dickerson 41, Hemisphere Dancer.

The result of the weekend? Hemisphere Dancer is still the Fastest Dickerson 41 in the world!

We Smoked 'em!

Had a great sail to Oxford Friday with 20+ kts. Averaged 6.4 kts with half the jib and the mizzen flying. Beauty day for a sail!

Saturday, we messed up our start, crossed the line about 30 sec after the gun and chased down the lead boat to be first around the first mark. From that point on, it was match race sailing, except that in the land of PHRF, we had to give this boat time. The boat was Topaz (a Dickerson 37 ketch) which has a better sail to displacement ratio and can out point us in light air.

Even though we knew we were being beaten, it was still thrilling racing. In the course of the six legs, the wind stopped, swung 180, stopped, swung 90, stopped and swung 90 again. We traded leading positions three or four times. All with wind speeds less than 8 kts where Dancer sails like a pig in water. Still, we sailed brilliantly and the neck and neck competition helped us pull away from the fleet. (that and the fact that the other boats sailed into more holes than we did) We finished 30 sec behind Topaz making 2.5 kts at the finish with about a kt of that being boost from the tide.

Disappointed that we didn't at least get line honors, we were still thrilled to realize we couldn't even see the rest of the fleet well enough to pick them out of the crowds of Sunday afternoon day sailors on the Choptank.

Hemisphere Dancer took Second Overall and First in the 41 class. All in all, just a beauty day on the water. Aside from the light air, the conditions were perfect with temps in the mid 70s, it was a perfect day. Unfortunately with the heat of competition, I didn't think to take that many pictures, so here's the few I did take.

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The pic shows Skipper Bruce discussing tactics with his son in law Christopher, just back from the Arabian sea where he was ops officer on a ship controlling all the air traffic from the horn of Africa through the Afghanistan conflict.

Now, he's at the Pentagon. Do you think he's in shock? Poor guy went from doing something for a living to playing politics in one fell swoop.

Unskilled and Unaware

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