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Lays Potato Chips Lays Potato Chips
Kylie Lingerie Kylie Lingerie
World Ends End of the World
Cat Fight Cat Fight
Rock and A Hard Place Rock And A Hard Place
Rock Face Rock Face
You Are My Friend My Friend.
Income Growth Spreadsheet. This Spreadsheet allows you to calculate your retirement income growth based on a beginning nut and reinvesting a portion of each year's new income to grow the principle and ultimately the income.
Beer It's What Mates Do
The Bomb Others Just Love the Taste
AC130 Gunship Incredible footage of an engagement in Afghanistan early 2003.
Adirondack Chair Plans These are the plans I downloaded off the internet to make the cedar Adirondack chairs I make
APirate Looks At Forty Buffett Rules
BWS Review, 08/97 Aug 97 review of the Bristol 40 by Blue Water Sailing
Crab vs Pipe I forget where I found this, but suffice it to say, there was a huge pressure differential going on, here...
Dickens Cider From Tommy and Rumble in the morning
Dog1 What Dogs are really like when we´re not around.
Final Bird Well, there it is.
Gods Own Drunk Buffett Rules
Good Run Sean and I had a great spinnaker run last fall when he was down.
He Went To Paris Buffett Rules
If I Had A Boat Lyle Lovett
I Love Navy Guys From Tommy and Rumble in the morning.
Paging Richard Smoker From Bob and Tom
It's the Little Things That Piss Me Off From Bob and Tom
The Captain And The Kid Buffett Rules
Trailer Park Woman From Bob and Tom
Youre An Asshole Tonight Buffett Rules
Larger Paper Larger Paper

Unskilled and Unaware

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