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Welcome to a Bristol 40 Salute

Dedicated to a fine cruising yacht, the Bristol 40
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Wake Up America

My name is Tim Fuhrmann. This is our yacht The Write Byte, a Bristol 40, Hull #87. She was launched in August of 1979 and we purchased her from her original owner on May 29, 1997. I had been dreaming of this moment in one form or another since I first stepped aboard my uncle Don's fishing skiff at the age of ten. But mostly, I'd been pushing hard for it for 15 years.

We had been searching for a fast, comfortable, world capable cruiser as my goal is to do a circuit of the North Atlantic basin. For the last two years of our search, we had narrowed the short list down to only the Bristol 40. When we did find our treasure, she was the right boat at the right time and I convinced my lovely wife that we HAD to take a run at her and The Write Byte became ours.

There is a second reason for this site's existence. It is to encourage the novice sailor or the dreamer to get out there and pursue your dreams. I have loved the water, boats and everything about boating ever since I can remember. Sailing is the best there is in life. You will discover that people who sail, love it. They love to share their knowledge and joy with anyone even mildly interested. So get out there and get to know a sailor. Learn to sail and reach for that goal. Just never, ever let go until you feel yourself slipping into the groove and you know that's where you belong. There is always someone who needs crew. So, no more excuses.

Get out there and learn to sail. Because maybe soon, you will be the one in that sailboat. The one that, in cars on the highway someone looks out and says wistfully to themselves, "Gee, I wish I was Sailing instead of here, battling traffic." Every time I walk away from the boat, I glance back just to make sure it's okay, to take one last look. And also to say a thankful prayer that finally, my dreams truly have come true. Ain't life grand!

If you own a Bristol 40, please drop me a line and send pics. I'd love to add your boat to the growing list of Featured Bristol 40s.

The site is getting quite large, there are now over twenty seven thousand images on the site. Stop back often and share in our continuing adventures with this most spectacular of joys, our Bristol 40, The Write Byte.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you are a sailor, a wannabe boat owner reaching for that goal or someone like myself now working hard to get to a point where I can go away; you will understand the emotion that went into building this site. To hell with the rest of you, because I'm going sailing.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Bristol Sailboats, stop by this new site and take a look at the whole line of boats. BristolSailboats.org


Unskilled and Unaware

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