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The Honker


About a year ago, the little boy, came and asked if I would take him fishing. He was barely three and I wondered how it came about that he wanted to go fishing. After all, I had given up that frustrating sport for the frustrating sport of sailing, long before he was born.

Well, it turns out, he and the little girl are fans of a kids' show called "Little Bear." Wherein Little Bear's Dad is a commercial fisherman who takes the Little Bear fishing on his days off... What a guy. So now, both my little children want to go fishing.

So that got me to thinking and I remember from my fishing days, that the best fishing days were spent aboard my fishing boat. For if the fish weren't biting, I could at least drive around in the boat, looking for a place where they were biting. Such began my gentle migration back from being a sailing purist, to accepting another power boat into the family. After all, the kids are young and at some stage in their lives, they would enjoy having a powerboat to water-ski and perhaps get pulled on an inner tube. Right?

To make a long story short, after an exhaustive search for a boat that would not only meet the dual needs of fishing platform and water skiing platform, but would also be appealing to my sailor's and wood hobbyist's eye, I finally chose the boat with which I would take the children fishing and skiing. Not surprisingly, I am going to have to build it, myself.

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The boat I've chosen to build is called the Honker. An Evolution of a Duck Boat Design by Sam Devlin, my Honker will be 20' long and include a Center Console, seating benches and a built in cooler, much like the boat above, which was home built by Gregory DeGenaro. Last week, after nearly a year of searching, evaluating and deliberating, I finally ordered the plans from Sam Devlin. The Devlin plans are for the raw hull of a hunting boat. So, my additions to the boat will be of my own designs, based on what I like and don't like in what I see in Gregory DeGenaro's version.

And, so begins yet another journey in my hobbies, now blending together nicely.

Unskilled and Unaware

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