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Materials List (Courtesy, Joel Mill)

Epoxy 12 gallons MAS resin and 6 gallons of MAS hardener
Go http://www.boatbuilder.org/epoxy.htm for more Information on fiberglass, epoxy and fillers
Fillers 15 lbs. wood flour / cabosil mixture
(8 one half gallon containers of each)or 2 boxes of filleting blend
Glass cloth 75 yards 4” biax (12oz)
125 yards 6” biax (12oz)
45 yards x 50” wide 6 oz fiberglass cloth
Add another 13 yards if you want a second layer of cloth covering the hull
or 13 yards of Dynel which would be a better outside layer.

All Glass, Epoxy and fillers can be purchased at http://www.devlinboat.com/mascart/index.htm

These are the same products we use in the Devlin Boat shop, and I added the glassing schedule (shown below) I would use if I were to build one. I hope this makes this part of your supplies purchase easier. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions 360-790-0577


Suggested Glassing Schedule

Click Thumbnail to See Larger Pic

All interior joints get a glass schedule of one layer 4” Biax (12oz.) two layers 6” Biax (12oz) and two layers 8” cloth (6oz) The entire hull, decks and cockpit sole get a layer of 6oz cloth with a 4” strip also added to all exterior joints.

I prefer to cut the 4” and 8” glass strips off of the 50” roll instead of using the pre-cut rolls. To cut the strips use a piece of Ό” scrap plywood the desired width (4” and 8”), lay it at the edge off the roll and cut with a razor blade. Use some clean plywood as your cutting surface. The easiest way to sheathe the hull is to glass from sheer to shear or centerline to sheer 50” at a time.

Hull Bottom and Sides (2) 5’ x 20’ ½” plywood
-OR-(2) 4’ x 20’ ½” plywood for two hull bottom each with leftover plywood used for side decks,
and (1) 4’ x 20’ ½” plywood for both hull sides*
Note : if 4’ wide stock is used, you can reduce total plywood necessary by
(1) ½” sheet used for side decks, see asterisked item below.
Bulkheads 4’ x 8’ Ύ” plywood used for bulkheads in the following combinations
#7 and #2 bulkheads using one sheet
#4 and #1 bulkheads using one sheet
#5 and #8 bulkheads using one sheet
#3 and #8 bulkheads using one sheet
(you need two #8’s)
Rear foam compartment #6, (2) total, use ½” scrap from hull panels.
Scribe into position as shown on plans.
Balance of the Ύ” plywood scraps Used for reinforcement of bow overhang
and any other area needing extra attention.
Side Decks* 4’ x 8’ ½” plywood being used for the aft 2/3 of side decks if using five foot wide stock for hull.
Stern Decks and Splashwell Deck (1) 4’ x 8’ ½” plywood
Bow Deck (2) 4’ x 8’ ½” plywood for each bow deck half, split at centerline and connecting with side deck planking.
Floorboards (2) 4’ x 8’ ½” plywood
Exterior Clamps Port and Stbd (2) 20’ Ύ” x 2Ό” fir
Keelson (1) 10’ 1½” x 5½” fir
Longitudinal Stringers under floorboards in cockpits (2) 10’ 1½” x 2Ύ” fir
Keel and Bilge Keels (3) 20’ Ύ” x 2” hardwood, (3) 20’ #V21-0457 rigid PVC rubrail material
Hardwood bitt’s (6) 18” 1½” x 3”
Polyurethane foam (2) gallon kits polyurethane foam for floatation compartments
Cockpit Coamings (3) 10’ 1½” x 2” hardwood

Total needs using 4’ x 8’ plywood and scarfing for long panels

(7.5) sheets ½” plywood for hull panels
(5) sheets of ½” plywood for decks and floorboards
(13) sheets ½” Plywood, total.
(4) sheets of Ύ” plywood for bulkheads and transoms
(2) 20’ 1” x 2Ό” fir
(2) 10’ 2” x 6” fir
(3) 20’ 1” x 2” hardwood,
(3) 20’ #V21-0457 rigid PVC rubrail material
(2) 20’ 1” Three Strand Nylon Rope (Rubrail)
(6) 18” 2” x 3” Hardwood (bitts)
(2) gallon kits polyurethane foam floatation

Note: This list will complete the vessel to the state of rough construction work and is intended to be an approximate list.

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