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I want to let you know that my wife Lenora & I have just purchased the Bristol 40 "Impunity" from John Greenough.

I plan to sail across to Australia (where I'm from)in the spring of '07. We live in British Columbia right now & have been sailing a 27 Catalina out of Blaine WA which is where "Impunity" is moored.

We have some plans for Impunity & I would very much like to contribute to your site if it's ok. I have enjoyed browsing your site & picking up ideas from others.

Kind Regards

John Lake

John, Welcome aboard the Bristol 40 fleet. We are all confident you will enjoy Impunity and she will carry you to Australia with grace, speed and comfort. Send more pics while you prepare her to go offshore, please. I know I would love to follow your progress and others would, as well.



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Boat Name
Home Port
Semi-Ah-Moo Washington
John Greenough
Email address
Hull #
Year Purchased
Owner # (1st, 2nd, etc.)
Primary Cruising Area
Northern Puget sound and British Comumbia
Favorite Anchorage
Walter's Cove B.C.
Favorite Weekend Cruise Destination
Favorite Extended Cruise Destination
I have cruised Impunity here in the Pacific Northwest with 2 circumnavigations of vancouver Is. and a trip to the mid Mainland in bela Bela.
Longest Cruise
. Longest duration Cruise I have made was 60 days West coast BC . Longest is circumnavigation of Vancouver Island 1999 - Logging 1029 miles in 30 days.
Average Cruising Miles / yr.:
Average Cruising Days / yr.:
Favorite thing about the boat
What do I like about Impunity and Bristol 40'ies? many things. She sails well - is very comfortable in terms of accomodations. Gets many compliments on looks and lines - Provides the means to realize my goal of becoming an accomplished cruising captain. I have a 50 ton license. Places me in some incredible locations and situations.
Least Favorite thing about the boat
Dislikes- seems to be a bit tender and in need of careful attention to wind speed. I.E. I need to reef a bit earlier rather than laboring on.
I am th fourth owner the third Sailed Impunity to tahiti and Samoa in the '88-90 period and sold me the boat in 91' Third owner bought impunity on the East coast and brought her through the canal to Seattle. A new engine was added in Panama. The first owner reputedly cruised twice from the East coast to Europe adding a great wood burning sorve in Spain.

This Year, I treated Impunity and my self to :new mast and boom roller furling, Lazy jacks, Boom Vang, New Carol Hasse sails, Main 130 Genoa, Aysemetriacal cruising spinacker, Mizzen. Additional sails are a mizzen staysail, Storm sail and Try sail. Am finishing a bottom scrape, an messy job that is nearing completion along with a new paint job on the topsides that I have done my self. More upgrades are in the works as time and funds permit.

Unskilled and Unaware

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