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CMKX Litigation

This section of the web site is dedicated to tracking the Bivens Suit filed by Al Hodges on behalf of the CMKM Diamonds Shareholders.

Wake Up America

The Menu on the left contains in order of occurrence, filings and correspondence regarding the lawsuit. Official filings are in their PDF form as taken directly from Pacer. Other correspondence may have been edited to provide spacing. As an Attorney, Mr. Hodges has a tendency not to leave a single blank line in his correspondence. I like a little white space, so I added some.

We Begin with the 2009.12.16 pro-boards post by Al Hodges of his intent to file, which follows.

The last few links below the horizontal line in the menu go to other sites which also contain cmkx info and in some cases rumor. This site contains only filings and statements by Hodges.

CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Litigation Update

December 16, 2009

Office of Al Hodges, Attorney At Law

This office represents seven of CMKX's larger shareholders who collectively hold more than 3.5 Billion shares. We have prepared a Bivens based class action lawsuit seeking release of all the funds that have been collected for the benefit of CMKX shareholders, or for damages in an amount in excess of $3,780,000,000,000. This suit alleges that the SEC commissioners have violated the Fifth Amendment Constitutional property rights of the shareholders by withholding consent to the release of such funds, for years, which amounts to a taking without due process of law. Some of the specific allegations made in the complaint include:

From March 17, 2005 through April 29, 2005 CMKM traded publicly, in the US under the trading symbol "CMKX," a total of 551,756,751,833 shares, an average share volume of more than 17 billion shares per day, reaching a maximum on April 21, 2005 of 94,654,588,201 shares. These figures do not include foreign trades nor trades made on an ex-clearing basis such as those disclosed by Jefferies & Company , Inc. on May 6, 2005: between March 25, 2004 and September 21, 2004 Jefferies traded 111,780,681,204 shares of CMKX stock on an ex-clearing basis.

During the period of June 1, 2004 through October 28, 2005 a total of 2.25 Trillion "phantom" shares of CMKM Diamonds Inc, was sold into the public market through legitimate brokers, illegitimate brokers and dealers, market makers, hedge funds, ex-clearing transactions and private transactions. The sales of the majority of such shares were at all times known to the Securities and Exchange Commission, including Defendants herein.

At some date prior to June 1, 2004 the Securities and Exchange Commission in concert with the Department of Justice of the United States, together combined with Robert A. Maheu and others to utilize CMKM Diamonds, Inc. for the purpose of trapping a number of widely disbursed entities and persons who were believed to be engaged in naked short selling of CMKM Diamonds Inc. stock and cellar boxing the company. The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice, with assistance from the Department of Homeland Security, believed and developed evidence that said short sellers were utilizing their activities to illegally launder moneys, wrongfully export moneys, avoid payment of taxes, and to support foreign terrorist operations. To fulfill the plan to criminally trap such wrongdoers, the Securities and Exchange Commission, with assistance from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security:

  • Assisted in and approved the retention of Roger Glenn, an ex-SEC trial attorney and drafter of Sarbanes-Oxley, to join CMKM Diamonds Inc. for the purpose of verifying claims value, increasing authorized shares of stock to 800,000,000,000, and supervising from the inside of the company;
  • Encouraged the company to expand its promotional activities, assisted in the set up of the "racing activities" of the company, and underwrote a substantial portion of the cost of such activities;
  • Consented to, facilitated, and supported the sale of certain company claims to several foreign corporations;
  • Consented to, facilitated, and supported the conferences between Robert A. Maheu and his associate/assistant Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector William Majcher on the one hand, and the wrongdoing short sellers on the other, all for the purpose of settling the potential liability of said wrongdoers with consent of the U. S. Government and a representation of no criminal prosecution for such illegal sales;
  • Consented to, facilitated, and supported the declaration of dividends payable by the company to each common shareholder of CMKM Diamonds, Inc.
  • Consented to, facilitated, and supported the distribution of shares of CIM, a private company owned by Urban Casavant, as a stock dividend, including consent and approval of distribution of said shares to holders of more than 1.4 Trillion shares of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. common stock.
  • During the period from November, 2004 through April, 2005, CMKM Diamonds, Inc. negotiated the sale of some of its Saskatchewan, Canada mineral claims to three Chinese domiciled corporations with the advice and consent, inter alia, of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Proceeds from the consummation of such sales were placed into a frozen trust for disbursal at a later time.

During the period from March, 2004 through August, 2006, on behalf of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Robert A.. Maheu, with assistance from Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector William Majcher, negotiated a settlement with the illegitimate brokers, dealers, market makers, hedge funds, and other persons and entities that had engaged in naked short selling of CMKM Diamonds Inc. stock and cellar boxing the company. In exchange for a U. S. Government promise of no prosecution for such sales, the wrongdoers each promised to pay negotiated amounts to a frozen trust for disbursal at a later time.

Plaintiffs herein are informed and believe, and based thereon allege, that other moneys have been collected for the benefit of the shareholders of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. from the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, from the United States Government, and from the sale of additional assets including consent to enter into joint venture agreements with other companies holding mineral claims in Saskatchewan, Canada. Plaintiffs herein are further informed and believe, and based thereon allege, that said moneys, collected for the benefit of shareholders have also been placed in a trust or are otherwise now held in trust by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and the United States Treasury.

Demand for release of said moneys has been repeatedly presented to the Securities and Exchange Commission without result. Agents and employees of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice have represented repeatedly that the release of moneys for distribution was imminent, and/or would occur within several weeks, and/or would occur within less than a month. Each of said representations have been made knowing them to be false, and at the specific direction of the named Defendants. These actions of withholding distribution of said moneys, without compensation and without due process of law, amount to a taking of the property of the individual Plaintiffs and of all similarly situated.

In an attempt to avoid protracted litigation we have seen to it that several attorneys at the SEC Office of General Counsel have a copy of the draft; we are further advised that the current SEC Commissioners are also aware [at least] of the pending filing. Our expectation was [and still partially remains] that the individually named Commissioners will not want to answer our lawsuit, thus leaving themselves open to the discovery process. The draft has been in SEC hands for approximately two weeks, and so far we have not received any response, meaningful or otherwise. They could well continue to stonewall, and force us to initiate the litigation. If nothing of significance occurs in the next two weeks the complaint will be filed on January 4, 2010.

Al Hodges, Attorney At Law
4 East Holly Street, Suite 202
Pasadena, California 91103-3900
Tel.: (626) 564-9797
Fax: (626) 564-9111

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