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The logs of The Write Byte.

Hopefully with the pressure of having a destination for the logs, I will be inspired to better document our travels. My record so far has been fair to dismal. When I first got the digital camera, I took it everywhere and recorded our travels. By the end of the season, that was slacking off, too. The good news is, I still take it for overnight trips and other special events. Hopefully our travels will be documented at least marginally from here on out.

Peruse and enjoy them as you see fit.

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What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
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So, I'm kinda into Greek Mythology. Found this link and took this test to see what Greek God I was... No surprise there. Terry says it is me to a T. I guess, I will say that folks always know where they stand with me... assuming they are paying attention.


Which Of The Greek Gods Are You?
More about Poseidon.

The Write Byte

  • The following rules are observed aboard this vessel:
  • DON'T BE LATE. The only thing I have control of is departure time and we will by god leave on time, with or without you.
  • Everything must be stowed properly prior to departure.
  • Zero Tolerance policy on drugs and other contraband. (I lose my boat, you lose your life. Seems like a fair trade to me.)
  • No smoking below.
  • White soled shoes only, including no dark soled tennies. If they are true boat or deck shoes, the color of the sole matters not.
  • All cooking and cleaning chores are shared. He who cooks, does not do dishes that meal. (saves drudgery)
  • Since our sleeping space is also our eating and lounging space, stow your bedding as soon as you rise.
  • NO Whining

In these logs are several references to "real sailing." This is an allusion to the fact that we have a boat designed under the CCA rules. Someone once said of CCA boats, "If the rail's not wet, you ain't really sailing." This is true. There is a fine line between having sufficient air to keep her heeled enough to fly, yet not so much that she overpowers and rounds up. But, when it's there, life is good. There is nothing finer.

I'm a firm believer that good habits will keep you out of trouble at sea. In addition to the physical preparations we are making to ready the boat for offshore work, every outing is a training session for me. I push myself relentlessly to experience new conditions, to find better ways to sail the boat with less effort. To memorize the body motions, so I can do it in the dark, in the worst storms with wet and steep decks and keep myself, my bride and my child alive, safe and comfortable. Even though we aren't cruising full time yet, a stowage and systems plan is evolving so that when we are ready to go, we will already have a system in place and be comfortable with it. In that way, when that first unforeseen tragedy happens, we will be prepared to meet it with strength, resolve and ingenuity honed with familiarity of our boat's systems. And, with the knowledge that we have met adversity before and were the victor.

It wasn't until 1994, that I actually started sailing. The distance I have come far surpasses the mere miles traveled. Sailing has brought serenity, purpose and meaning to my life that I can't imagine having without it. I was raised in a christian household, but didn't really know God until I sailed. Now, we know each other well. My poor mother, bless her, feared that I will burn in hell because I don't go to church. Why should I go to church, which is filled with hypocrites and dogma distorted by twenty centuries of flawed human interpretation, when I can commune with God and nature daily? When I see the Heron stalking breakfast in the reeds as the morning mist floats above the water of my anchorage, I know there is a God and he is speaking directly to me. I am at one with my God and my world.

And, it is sailing that has brought me here.

Sailing is life
Everything else is just details

Tim Fuhrmann
s/v The Write Byte
Bristol 40, Hull 87

Unskilled and Unaware

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