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2006 was a tough year for all of us and especially for sailing adventures. Terry's dad was ill for much of the year and eventually died in August. I was working first on a milestone based project, then on a job in PA that dumped me in November about the time I found out I'd get 30 cents on the dollar for my first half of the year's work. The kids were whiny about going on the boat without mom. We only got out a half dozen times in the normal Season. Even my annual New Year's day sail got cancelled twice, first in 2006 because Sol was ill, and then this year, because it was raining buckets.

Good thing it has been a mild winter so far. I got in some December sails and it looks like tomorrow, the first Saturday in January, it will be 70 degrees or more. I think that calls for a sail. Hopefully, that bodes well for the coming year.

Unskilled and Unaware

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