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A Ted Hood Classic
... from the past,
present and future!


How close can a stock boat come to being a custom boat. Very Close! Check the options available in the beautiful, fast Bristol 40. Ted Hood knows the lessons from the past . . . classic lines, full keel for easy handling and straight tracking, warm wood interiors, and much more. Bristol craftsmen, knowledgeable of both glass and wood boat construction, are able to combine the finest features of each in the Bristol 40. Result: a sleek, practical comfortable racer-cruiser with all the refinements of modern design and the extra values that will make it a classic for years to come. 

Best boat for the money! The most discriminating, most demanding cruising families are delighted with the Bristol 40. This could be a testimonial type brochure like that for a popular Bristol 32, and the new Bristol 35.5... but the Bristol 40 has a lot to say and do! Check the boat, check the standard equipment, check the options! Bristol 40 can speak for itself and does!

Bristol 40 Standard Equipment Hull & Deck: Molded hand lay up fiberglass reinforced polyester resin . . . largely woven roving, strongest material available. Hull and deck thickness vary to suit structural demands. 

Deckhouse, deck and cockpit are integrally molded. Deck clamp and cove stripe molded with hull. Non-skid pattern molded into deck, seats and cabin top. Deck layout reflects careful planning. Consider these points when you comparison shop. Opening hatch forward (hinged to open either forward or aft) is large enough to handle sail bags. Molded sea hood is standard. Molded rail from sea hood aft is perfect mount for dodger. All rails, coamings and trim are teak . . . natural finish. Dorado boxes for cabin ventilation forward) are molded and cowl scoops for engine room vents are provided. 

Cockpit: Cockpit seat hatches are scuppered. Molded winch bases in cockpit cutouts provide handy storage for winch handles. Main sheet traveler is molded on bridge, in cockpit or optionally mounted forward of main hatch.

Deck Hardware: All hardware is chrome plated bronze, stainless steel or high strength alloys.

Interior: Many options allow you to get the exact decor you desire. The all wood interiors can be tailored to your taste. Just tell us what you want. The main cabin is finished with varnished, hand rubbed mahogany. Choose from a variety of arrangements. To port, choose from a convertible dinette, pilot and pull-out transom

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