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Price List for Custom Furniture

Picnic Table

Treated Pine $550.00
Untreated Pine, Sealed $530.00
Untreated Pine, Unfinished $500.00
Booster Seats (2) $40.00
Rolling Kitchen Cart

Unfinished Pine $295.00
Pine 3 coats of Varnish
your choice of stain or not.

Adirondack Chairs(each)

Cedar (unfinished) $250.00
Cedar (Varnished) $350.00
Treated Pine (unfinished) $250.00
Untreated Pine (unfinished) $200.00
Pine (Painted Your color Choice) $250.00
Pine (Varnished) $300.00
Kit* See Note $200.00

Adirondack Chairs: Outdoor Cocktail Table (each)

Unfinished Pine $50.00
Treated Pine $80.00
Sealed Pine $80.00
Unfinished Pine Free With purchase of Two (2)Chairs

Rocking Horse

Finished (Your Choice of Stain, + 3 coats Varnish) $950.00
Treated Pine $650.00
Untreated Pine, Thompson® Sealed $630.00
Untreated Pine, Unfinished $600.00
Leather Padded Seat $60.00
Latch Hook Mane $85.00
Teddy Bear Chair(each)

Finished Oak, Cherry, Ash or Birch (Your Choice of Stain, + 3 coats Varnish) $185.00
Finished Pine (Your Choice of Stain, + 3 coats Varnish) $135.00
Unfinished Oak, Cherry, Ash or Birch $115.00
Unfinished Pine $85.00
Book Cases

Unfinished Oak or Birch 72" 5 Shelves, One Adjustable $395.00
72" 3 coats of Varnish
your choice of stain or not.
Unfinished Oak or Birch 85" 6 Shelves, Two Adjustable $495.00
85" 3 coats of Varnish
your choice of stain or not.

Inquire about our Delivery Rates.


30% Non-refundable deposit with order to cover materials purchase.
If Delivery requested, Delivery charges if any must be paid at time of order.
Balance due on delivery in cash, money order or check.
* Adirondack Chair Kit:
Includes all pre-cut unfinished cedar and a set of plans.You supply deck screws Carriage Bolts, Tools and Labor.

Does not include Shipping. Shipping the Adirondack Chair by UPS Ground costs Approx. $75 to Mpls. Assembly isn't difficult, and may be the only route available to you. I only deliver within a 100 mile radius and the finished chair is not shippable.

Adirondack Chair Plans(These plans were downloaded free off the internet and are offered here, unaltered in their entirety per the plan copyright.)

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