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Sansted, Pressing on.

My Friend and Mentor Dr. Stedman Smith, passed from this life, Oct.14,2002.

He was a giant among men.

Doc's intelligence, wit, kindness and generosity are an inspiration and a goal to aspire to for the rest of my life.

As a doctor, he delivered thousands of babies and provided care for their mothers over a 50+ year career.

As a sailor and friend, he enriched the lives of Terry and me, my son Sean and that of my friends Bruce, Bryan, David and a host of others I'll never know. Doc was one of the four "Floundering Commodores" the founding members of ESSA (Eastern Shore Sailing Association) the sailing club which has given me so much pleasure and delight over the last 10 years. Through his association with our club, he has reached out and touched more sailors than one might possibly count.

His contribution to the quality of our lives remains beyond measure.

Doc was born Oct.3, 1914 and died peacefully at his daughter Sande's home Oct.14,2002.

We shall miss him.

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Bryan Twigg, Doc and grandson Steddie aboard Sansted, Summer 2000.

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Doc and Grandson Steddie aboard Sansted, Labor Day weekend 2000, preparing to depart for Deal Island Rendezvous.

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Doc, Cruising aboard The Write Byte, Spring 2000, a rainy Memorial Day weekend.

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Doc and Grandson Steddie aboard Sansted, June 2000.

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Dave Long and Doc aboard The Write Byte in Solomons Island while enroute to Deal Island , Labor Day 1999.

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Bruce, Dave Long and Doc on Sansted, 1999 off the Gas docks, enroute to Solomons Island..

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Doc, at the Helm, 1998 off Hooper's Island light. Screaming along on a close reach bound for Deal Island.

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