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Current as of: September 1, 2014
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(My personal web page is a Delphi Driven site retrieving content from a Sql Server Database)

Development Tools:
Delphi 16 & 32 bit Client Server (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

Databases Used:
MS SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000, 2003, 2005
Oracle 7.3, 8, 9 Interbase 5.6
Sybase SQL dBase Paradox

Excellent Needs Analysis, Database Design Skills, Multi Tier development and Full Life Cycle follow through. Extensive Reporting development using Crystal Reports and Report Builder.


December 2008 - Present
Contractor to a Major Law firm in Philadelphia
Servicing needs of affiliated firms in four states. Working as an off site Business Objects specialist in a corporate wide conversion to Data Warehousing. Converting extensive library of Crystal Reports to work with the new data warehouse schema design. Also extensive experience with report server management.

November 2007 - November 2008
Delphi Developer, DBA, NeuroScience Inc.
Developed an enterprise level suite of applications to manage the work flow of product through the medical labs associated with Neuroscience. Designed the data structure, acted as DBA and sole developer for this software system which includes 8 user applications and a background management application. Code written in Delphi 2007 VCL, with Data on a WAMP server running MySql 5.1.

January 2007 - November 2007
Crystal Reports Developer RHI MSSql 2002
As an offsite Contractor through RHI, developed Crystal Reports v11 reports, managed BO Repository, schedules and support for RHI Clients.
Currently developing Crystal Reports for Two offices of a large law firm with NJ and PA locations and separate databases. Providing quick turn around with minimal supervision and learning curve time.

June 2006 November 2006
Cody Systems
Delphi Developer working on Cody Software, a law enforcement software package for dispatchers and officers in the field. Worked on data input for accident case management.

March 2005 October 2006
Crystal Reports Developer Crystal Reports
Developing reporting suite as a sub contractor for Common Knowledge out of San Francisco. Extensive management of Business Objects Report Server and Repository. The ultimate client is Defenders of Wildlife who are implementing an enterprise wide solution including elements from Convio, Common Knowledge and Business Objects.

June 2004 - January 2006
Delphi Developer Delphi 7 MsSql 2002
Developed "ShoreLand" Real Estate Web site application. This application will allow agents to have a distinct web presence while users are accessing a multiple listing database. Responsible for Visual Design, Coding development and Database design.

Delphi Services Group. November 2003- February 2004
Delphi Developer / DBA. Delphi 7, Interbase 7
Brought a security management application from working prototype to launch pre-test. Work included data conversion from an Access database with zero normalization to Interbase 7 Database including nearly 3 level normalization with triggers and stored procedures. The application is designed to manage user security access at the field level, enterprise wide, including multiple organizations, regions, locations, applications and databases.

National Corporate Research. September 2003-October 2003
Web Delphi Developer, Delphi 7, Advantage 6
Develop a centralized web portal to manage logins for their suite of web applications. Using Delphi 7, I created a web application which allows users to log in only once and then use any or all of the suite of web applications already being hosted by the company. The portal included a GUI and web based application for user managers to manage the logins, plus the login portal itself. Total development time for all three apps combined, 160 billable hrs.

Public Interest Data Inc. Sep. 2002 - May 2003
Delphi Developer, Delphi 5, Delphi 7, Oracle 9
Senior Delphi Developer,
Develop specialized applications to integrate new and upgrading clients into PIDI's Direct Donor gift management software. Maintain Direct Donor and other apps associated with corporate mission writing enhancements and additions to the system.

DataSource Incorporated (6 month contract Jan-June 2002)
Delphi 5
Develop Source Form Automation for Internal Revenue Service application process. This stand alone program is designed to be multi platform capable, small enough to fit on a floppy and work without an installation. It collects the applicants data, assembles it into an XML node which is then emailed to the IRS and gathered into their applicant processing system.

Cedarman Video, AI-Solutions (2000-2002)
Delphi 5 - ASP - COM - Interbase 5.5 - MSSQL 7
Assist in the conversion of NASA's Access To Space web site from a Delphi 4 executable to ASP front end with Delphi 5 DLL middle tier. Provide design leadership, training and guidance in database design and concepts.

Senior Programmer, Delphi
DataSource Inc. 1999 - 2000
Delphi Programmer, VA Hospital, Memphis
Contract Training and Delphi development for VistA as part of patient management system. Various Projects converting mainframe apps to GUI. Cross train on staff M programmers in Delphi Skills.

Senior Programmer, Delphi
Marotz Incorporated Jan. 1997-1999
Software development in Delphi 32 bit Client Server connecting to Interbase and MS SQL Server backends. Developed BOSS, and MISSL.

June 1998 - Feb 1999
(Delphi 3, Oracle 7.2)
Lead User Interface programmer for this 3 tier project. Designed to track multiple procurement processes at multiple sites, this project was particularly challenging as it introduced complex object relationships to a user base that had not used MS Windows much, if at all. Included multiple Crystal Reports 6.0 connections for instant status feedback as well as distribution through a project developed report server application.

Jun 1997 - August 1998
(Marketing Information Strategic Source Link)
Lead programmer for this publishing circulation project. Designed to track multiple publications circulation activity at multiple sites, it is also prepared to do duty as a total market saturation tool. This project was particularly challenging as it introduced fairly complex object relationships to a user base that had not used MS Windows much, if at all. Included multiple Crystal Reports 6.0 connections for instant status feedback.

Jan 1997 - Aug 1997
(Benefit Out-Source Software)
Designed and developed user interface for Benefit Service Representatives (BSR). This extensive project included multiple layers of information designed to be easily accessible and quickly recognizable by the BSR. Project included call activity tracking and automatic report / form letter generation as a result of call activity. (Used Interbase with multiple back-end rate calculation engines running.) Finished User Interface 90 days ahead of schedule, which allowed back-end programmers to do extensive live testing with interface. Crystal Reports 5.0.

Software Developer, Delphi
Cedarman Video Incorporated, Salisbury, MD 1990 - present (my company)

Keller Graduate School of Management
(Delphi 3, Interbase 5.5, Crystal 7)
Reports and report integration for Client Server, Citrix based project. Developed over 60 reports and integrated into Delphi 3 app, using dynamic filtering and report selection.

Cedarman Cost Control System CCS
This niche market shrink wrap software is a project billing and equipment maintenance cost tracking system for the Audio Visual Industry.
16 bit Windows Multi User using DBase Tables.

CylTrack Cylinder Tracking
Report interface and extensive reports for Gas Cylinder tracking program.
16 bit Client Server using MS SQL Server

Check writing and transaction generator (payroll transfer, credit memo, debit memo, Journal Entries) creates entries which get exported to Solomon's accounting system.
16 bit Client Server using Sybase SQL Anywhere

Snyder Fix Reject
System to automatically grab bad phone sales records and place them in edit mode for users to fix. System selects records by language, region and type of error, allowing users to concentrate on fixing the records.
16 & 32 bit Client Server using Sybase SQL Anywhere

Library Tracking Program
Program to track software library, locations, recommendations, trial basis, and type of software tools available for resale.
32 bit Client Server using Paradox Tables.

Name That Baby!
Shrink wrap product to help expectant parents choose a name for their unborn baby. The software is given to parents during pre-natal care.
16 bit Windows using Paradox Tables.

Added enhancements to existing message tracking system. Features such as Auto lookup of caller, multiple message receivers, etc.
16 bit Client Server using Paradox Tables.

B.S. Mass Communication, May 1979 Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior
M.A. Mass Communication, May 1980 Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior

Masters Thesis Project:
Producer, Director:
Developed, produced, and directed a 22-week syndicated game show series, High Quiz Bowl, aired on the local CBS affiliate. It was integrated into course work offered by the Communication Arts Department and ran for five more years.

References available on request.

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