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Remembering Doc

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Year Boat Owner
Smith Cup2010 Touche' Bob Dickey
Smith Cup2009 IF Greig Mitchell
Smith Cup2008 Knot Zoo Hans Schultz
Smith Cup 072007 Zoo Hans Schultz
Smith Cup 062006 Reveille Tom Jackson
Smith Cup 052005 Adventure Kwest Paul West
Smith Cup 042004 Reveille Tom Jackson
2001-2003 Not Run
Smith Cup 20002000 Touche' Bob Dickey

(2000) - As announced at our Awards Banquet / Change of Watch ceremony, we are introducing a new race to the ESSA (Eastern Shore Sailing Association) calendar, this year.  This was Race Chair, Tom Jackson's idea and is in honor of our friend, one of the founding fathers of ESSA, "Doc" Stedman Smith.

Doc Smith has always been sort of relaxed about how competitive he is. He loves to sail and has inspired many of us with his passion for our sport.  But, he's kind of sneaky.  He never seems to be working too hard at winning. And yet, he always seems to take home at least some silver; including 1999's Captain's Cup. (Not for the first time, by the way.)

When I first crewed for Doc, it was always intimidating to be contributing a single year of experience to a three person crew with over 100 years of combined sailing experience.  (Bruce Franz with over 30 years experience himself, was the third element in that lopsided equation.)  But, I tried to soak in all the knowledge that was out there, floating in the conversations.  One of Doc's favorite things in the spring and fall, is to sail to Oxford for lunch.  Of course, despite being out on a "day sail," if there happened to be another sailboat in sight, he'd urge us to see if we could catch that guy.

So that's what we're going to do. We're going to race to Oxford for lunch. We've invited the Tred Avon Yacht Club to join us in this festivity. Due to the nature of the race rules, we will unlikely be able to get it sanctioned as a CBYRA race, but are inviting interested sailors to join us in saluting a man who has lived to sail for a long time.

Race instructions for the Stedman Smith Cup.

First Race Date, May 13, 2000.  Subsequent races will be held annually, the second Saturday of May

Leg 1, the race to Oxford

Skippers Meeting in front of the Cambridge Municipal Yacht Basin building, 8:45 am. Race Fee, $10. Skippers, please submit a completed race application. (Blank apps will be available prior to the meeting.)

Note: If your boat, is too far away from Red 24 to make it from its slip to Red 24 in the time allotted after the skipper's meeting, this is not a problem of the race committee. If you can't make it to the line on time, bring your boat to the marina area for the skipper's meeting. It's that simple and elegant. Boats are welcome to tie up in an empty slip in the Municipal Marina during the skipper's meeting.

The race will begin in the vicinity of Choptank Red 24 at 09:30.
One end of the line will be the nun, the other, the committee boat.

The first turn will be Choptank G23, keep it to port.
The second mark is G19a, keep it to starboard.
The Third mark and finish line is at Red 2, Tred Avon.
Maintain proper sailing depth at all times...
Distance 8.6 nm

Rules of Leg 1:

There are 3.5 hours allotted for the race.  The 10 minute gun will be at 9:20, with the  starting gun at 9:30.  The use of engines is allowed and in fact required if necessary to  finish the race in 3.5 hours.  Any boat not finishing within 3.5 hours is disqualified.   Skippers and crew will record engine run times, which will be added to their elapsed  time when calculating corrected times as in the Bermuda and Caribbean 1500 rallies.

Shortly after crossing the finish line, each boat will use the radio to call out the boat's  engine run time to the committee boat on the designated channel.  The format will be,  "Smith Cup participant Reveille had 1:23, that is One hour Two Three minutes engine  run time."  Contestants finishing in close order, please wait until the boat in front of  you has been acknowledged before attempting to broadcast.

Acknowledgment will be, "Roger, Reveille, I understand One hour, two three minutes  engine time."

A Sandwich Buffet Lunch will be served from 1:00 to 1:45 p.m. at the Tred Avon  Yacht Club.  The price will be in the neighborhood of $5.  There will also be a cash  bar.

Leg 2, The race to Cambridge

The starting line will be in the vicinity of Tred Avon Red 2.
Keep the Choptank Light to port.
Keep G19A to Port.
Keep G23 to Starboard
The finish line will be in the vicinity of Choptank Red 24.
One end of the line will be the buoy, the other, the committee boat.
Distance 9.0 nm

Rules of Leg 2.

The Six minute Five Blast Warning will happen at 1:44 with the Starting gun, at 2:00.

The use of engines will NOT be permitted in leg 2.  At the Choptank light mark, the  Skipper must take a nap.  (go below and remove him/herself from the race.)  No race related  conversation will be permitted with the skipper for the remainder of the race.  Leg 2  has a time limit of 3.5 hours and may be shortened as deemed appropriate by the Race  Committee.  Possible shortening sites are: Choptank Green 19, Red 2 LeCompte Bay,  Castle Haven (Choptank Red 16)  If it becomes appropriate to shorten the race, the  decision will be made prior to affecting possible race outcome.

If the skipper is single handing the competing vessel, the race committee will evaluate a  request for rules variance on the nap issue.

Cup Rules.

The winner of the Stedman Smith Cup will have the best combined corrected total for  legs one and  two without being disqualified from either leg.

At this time, due to the small size of our club, there will only be one class, Non Spinnaker PHRF.  If public response is good and entries warrant, a spinnaker class may be added, as well as class divisions.

Unskilled and Unaware

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