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Tall Ships

Those reminders of romantic and adventerous times past have begun to make frequent appearances in the Chesapeake region.  We have no less than five tall ships either currently based or being built in the Chesapeake region as I write this.  Last week the Dove out of St. Mary's City visited Cambridge and that prompted me to start this section of the web page.

OPSail 2000

See the pics we took while the Tall Ships were heading down bay after their OPSail 2000 visit to Baltimore.  We were out there to see them coming down the bay, June 28th.


Dove visited Cambridge, Wed. Aug 16th.  I was lucky enough to have just arrived with Riley Williamson and Joe Botkin.  Joe and I helped Riley deliver his new Pearson 390 to Cambridge from Cape May where he had found her.  Dove followed us up the Choptank and was greeted by a cannon salute fired off Great Marsh Park, which scared the bejesus out of me.


In August of 1998, the Pride of Baltimore II visited Cambridge on a day when we happened to have cameras aboard.

Log Canoe

On that same weekend, there were Log Canoe Races on the Choptank River

Unskilled and Unaware

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