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Wisconsin Dictionary

Hey Dere! C'meer once - you gots to read dis a couple-two-tree words on how ta talk like yer from Scansin, hey. It's a humdinger! Sit down witch'er brat an' brewski n yer blaze-orange and, cripes sake, in the spirit of Bart and Vince, take a gander, ain-a-hey?

1. AIN-A-HEY: placed at the end of a profound statement; as in "isn't it?"

2. BART: a Green Bay institution who doesn't need a last name; (see"Vince").

3. BELIEVE-YOU-ME: attached to the beginning or end of a statement, makes it more credible; as in, "Really!"

4. BLAZE-ORANGE: what deer hunters and cold-weather Packers fans wear to Lambeau Field. Also a popular color for jail uniforms.

5. BORN IN A BARN?: a sarcastic question which usually means you left the door open or could not correctly differentiate between an alewife and a smelt.

6. BORROW: used in place of lend, as in, "Could youse borrow me a couple two-tree bucks, yah hey?"

7. BRAT: a sausage; a Wisconsin tailgate favorite; doesn't have anything to do with a spoiled kid.

8. BUBBLER: to the rest of the world outside Wisconsin's borders, it's known as a drinking fountain.

9. BUDGE: to merge without permission; cut in; as in "Don't you budge in line for a brat, I was here first!"

10. BY: to, near; as in "Let's go by One-Eyed Jack's" or, "She'll come by da house tonight."

11. CHEDDARHEAD: someone from Wisconsin; see, "Cheesehead."

12. CHEESEHEAD: someone from Wisconsin; see, "Cheddarhead."

13. CHEESE CURD: small pieces of fresh cheese that squeak when you bite into them

14. COMEER ONCE: a request for the presence of another Cheddarhead.

15. COUPLE-TWO-TREE more than one; as in "Delmer and I drank a couple-two-tree beers."

16. CRIPES: a Wisconsin expletive.

17. CRIPES-SAKE: a mild Wisconsin expletive.

18. CRIPES-SAKES-ALMIGHTY: a major Wisconsin expletive.

19. DA: substitute for words beginning with "TH;" as in, "Da guy over dere in da Bears shirt dere."

20. DAVENPORT: What your mom called "the sofa;" a couch.

21. FAIR-TA-MIDDLIN: Not bad or great, just "O.K."

22. FISH FRY: a Friday night dining ritual in Wisconsin.

23. FLEET FARM: A Cheddarhead's answer to Bloomingdales.

24. FROZEN TUNDRA: Lambeau Field.

25. GEEEZ!: Another Wisconsin expletive.

26. GOAHEAD: Proceed; as in, "go ahead and back up your car dere."

27. GOTS: used in place of "have;" as in, "I gots my tickets to watch da Packers play on da Frozen Tund! ra."

28. GOL-DURN: Another Wisconsin expletive.

29. HEY: placed at the beginning or end of phrases for emphasis, as in, "Hey, hows 'bout dem Packers?" or "Hows 'bout dem Packers, Hey!"

30. HOWS-BY-YOU?: a greeting; the same as, "How's everything?"

31. HUMDINGER: a beauty; as in "dat croppy youse caught up-nort is a real humdinger."

32. JOHN DEERE: a Cheddarhead's other vehicle.

33. LEAKER: (n) One who lacks the mental or physical stamina to continue partying.

34. M'WAKEE: Wisconsin's largest city; located just down the lake from T'rivers and Man'twoc.

35. N-SO?: a word inserted at the end of a statement; (sometimes pronounced as AIN-SO), used as a substitute for "isn't that right?" or "Correct?"

16. OH, YAH: Depending on emphasis, it's either used as acknowledgment(as "That's correct") or skepticism (That's bull!).

37. PERT-NEER: (sometimes pronounced "PRET-NEAR": in close proximity; just about.

38. POLKA: the national dance of Wisconsin.

39. RUBBERS: protection for your shoes; also known as "G'loshes."

40. SCANSIN: the state where Cheeseheads are from.

41. SCHMEAR: a card game; also a term used when someone gets beat in a game of Sheepshead.

42. SHEEPSHEAD: another card game.

43. SIDE-BY-EACH: used instead of "next to each other."

44. SKEETER: Wisconsin's state bird.

45. START WIT ME LAST: to forfeit your turn.

46. STOP-AND-GO LIGHTS: what everyone else refers to as traffic signals.

47. TREE: The number between two and four.

48. UN-THAW: to defrost or thaw.

49. WHERE-ABOUTS: locality; proximity; as in, "where-abouts are youse-guys from?"

50. UP NORT: where Wisconsinites go on vacation, if you're from M'wakee, upnort is anywhere outside of town - Kenosha can be Up Nort if yer from M'wakee.

51. UP-SIDE-RIGHT: right side up.

52. VINCE: the other Green Bay icon who doesn't need a last name for instant recognition; (see "Bart"). Recently, "Brett" was also added to this category.

53. WEH-SKON'-TSUN: the way you can tell the speaker is not a real Wisconsinite.

54. YAH-HEY: affirmative, but can be added reinforce request.

55. YAH-SURE-YOU-BETCHA: yes, you are correct.

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