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Since purchasing our Bristol 40, we have discovered what a truly wonderful boat it is.  Our research indicated we would like the boat, and it was a quality boat that sails well and is capable of safely taking us anywhere we want to go.  And of course it is gorgeous.  But, until you've sailed and lived aboard a Bristol 40, whether for a weekend, a week or permanently, one doesn't really know how spectacular this boat really is.  So, with that in mind, I started seeking out other Bristol 40 owners, to see if it was just me.  It isn't.

People love this boat.  I even heard from a former owner who wrote that though he and his wife had sold their boat, they still miss it.  A Bristol 40 was the first boat they looked at when they began boat shopping.  They loved it, but thought they'd better look at a few other boats before buying.  After all, maybe there was something better suited out there, but they just didn't know about it.  Almost 2 yrs and untold number of boats later, they came back to buy a Bristol 40.  That's a pretty strong first impression.

After sailing around the world in her, they came to a point where it was time to sell.  I can't blame them for missing her.  What a wonderful time they must have had aboard.  I don't even remember what the first boat I looked at was.  But then, it wasn't a Bristol 40, I am sure of  that.

These are some of the boats and owners who have been kind enough to share their beloved boats with me.  Corresponding with them has been a delight.  If you own a Bristol 39 or 40, please contact me. Tim's Email (remove spamblocker. from email address)  I'd love to add your boat to the growing list.

Also, Scott Rosenthal, owner of Willow, hull #110, a yawl, has a site that he's using as basically a brain dump for the myriad of systems.  Scott has catalogued his systems and included items like spare parts, etc.  I've been building a list of spare parts numbers as well for things like NAPA oil filter and alternator belt equivalents, etc.   Perhaps we should combine our knowledge on Scott's site.  Some of the information will be different for different years, but a lot of it will be the same.  His site is located at: http://www.sltf.com/boat

If you are shopping for or considering purchasing a Bristol 40, feel free to ask questions via Tim's Email Remove Spamblocker. of course or it will bounce. Be sure to have Bristol 40 in the subject block or my spam filter may bounce it, too.

The photos on this page and its links are copyrighted by the respective boat owner.


We now have a Google Group for the Bristol 39-40.


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