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November 1, 2003. The web site has been up as a Delphi application for a year, now. Since going to the Delphi app, we've been able to track every hit to the site. During that time, we've had 9,400 visitors view 111,508 pages for an average of 11 pages per visitor. The Harbor Freight page which went up Dec. 3rd 2002 has had 14,975 visitors viewing the page 22,349 times.

Those numbers work out to an average of 305 hits / day on the regular pages and 61 hits/ day on the Harbor Freight site. The hit rates are accelerating. We're now averaging 650 hits / day on the rest of the site and 150 hits/day on Harbor Freight, have been for the last 7 weeks. It's very exciting for me, who began this page as a way to celebrate my passion for sailing. The site itself began to evolve when Rebecca was born and I started posting pics so family members scattered across the country could see pics of her.

Now, aside from Harbor Freight, which is our biggest page by a long shot, the favorite search engine results are Rolling Kitchen Cart, Laundry Cabinets and coming up as a strong third and gaining strength is the Stitch and Glue Hard Dodger page series.

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